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Online Consultation

To ensure optimal results, please submit our online consultation form prior to booking your Lip Blush procedure. If you're eligible for treatment based on the information provided, your full face-to-face consultation will be done on the day of your appointment.


Are you diabetic?
Are you pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding?
Are you epileptic, or experience fainting spells or seizures?
Do you have allergies to pigments or makeup?
Do you experience post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation?
Do you have any history of cold sores/ fever blisters/ or herpes? (even if it was when you were a child)
Do you have transmittable blood conditions? (Hepatitis, HIV, etc)
Have you taken accutane within one year?
Does your natural lip color have any tones/ tints of purple?
Have you had your lips tattooed before?
Do you often sweat excessively (exercising), spend a lot of time in the sun or chlorinated/ salt water?
Are you able to use topical anesthetics? (lidocaine, tetracaine, prilocaine, epinephrine)
Are you taking daily blood thinning medications?
Do you have active skin conditions or diseases around the mouth area? (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc)
Do you have active skin cancer in or around the mouth area?
Do you suffer from keloid scarring?
Do you have undiagnosed rashes in or around the mouth area?
Do you have mitral valve disorder?
Have you have radiotherapy or chemotherapy within 42 days of the possible procedure date?
What is your ideal goal result for the lip blush procedure?
How would you like our PMU technician to reach out to you in response to your consult form?

Please attach a clear image of your lips with no makeup on (must be taken with sufficient lighting, and any photos of your ideal healed lip shade. Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

Choose file
Choose file
Choose file

Your online consultation form has been successfully submitted! Our cosmetic tattoo technician will get reach out to you via your preferred contact selection within 72 hours.

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