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We provide a high quality experience in a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere.

What is Studio Masami?

Studio Masami was initially built & designed to solely offer Cosmetic Tattoo procedures, but with higher facility standards. Our goal was to eliminate the normalcy of receiving a procedure of this nature in unsanitary conditions, & felt that any procedure involving bodily fluids / blood should be performed in a medical-grade establishment. 

With the assistance of our medical director, the owner, Alana decided to revisit her passion for aesthetics and expanded the business to now offer aesthetic treatments & services. We strive for exceptional customer service, and take pride in helping clients achieve the most beautiful & best version of themselves.

"MASAMI" from Japanese 成 (masa) meaning "become" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful". 

"This was such a wonderful experience from beginning to end! Every aspect of the office and work area are immaculately clean. I came in open minded and was blown away."

- Tasianna M.


Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is high achievement that requires responsible business practices & superior standards for customer service. Our BBB accreditation signifies trust & integrity, and an unwavering commitment to excellent client care & ethical business practices.

"The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the only organization that sets and upholds the highest standards of business ethics. Since 1945, BBB has promoted trust in Hawaii's marketplace with valuable programs, services, and resources for businesses and consumers alike.

BBB accredited businesses are an elite group. BBB doesn't accredit all businesses -just those that are in good standing with the public. They must meet and uphold BBB standards for treating consumers in a fair and honest manner."

-Better Business Bureau


@studiomasami for live news, updates, photos, and more!

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