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Meet your instructor

I'm Alana Wallace, Owner and Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist / Educator at Studio Masami. My goal for the Cosmetic Tattoo industry is to raise industry standards & equip future technicians with all the knowledge necessary to provide quality within their work.

Since the start of my career, I've taken numerous training courses with world leading artists and educators to achieve my level of expertise in Eyebrow Artistry. I've created a curriculum that makes it easier for students to grasp the concept of Cosmetic Tattooing, & in addition to teaching all of the techniques I've perfected over the years, I'm ready to share all of the "how-to's" achieving the most sought after results of this treatment

"I knew it was time to use my expertise to help others. There is no better feeling than seeing that "AH - HA" moment on someone's face."


How long have you been teaching?

I began hosting PMU courses for my educators & mentors in 2018. I grew a passion for teaching during that time & it taught me so much. I realized that many students taking the course were already "certified", but not properly prepared to start their career. Along with this fast growing industry, there is a lot of "courses" promising students a successful career but are leaving them confused. And I knew it was time to use my expertise to help others, there is no better feeling than seeing that "AH-HA" moment on someone's face. I had my first fundamental course in October 2019, and due to demand, offered another one in December 2019.

What's my ROI?

Estimated Income Projection (all numbers are approximate and are based on procedure prices in Hawaii) $300 - $700 Average cost of Procedure $2,400 - $5,600 Weekly income: based on 8 clients per week $9,600 - $22,400 Monthly income: working 4 - 5 days per week $115,200 - $268,800 Annual income (tips not included) Our PMU Fundamentals course is ($4500 +GET) $4712, students could see the return of their initial investment after completing 16 new client procedures if charging $300. This can be done in two weeks, working 4 days per week (part time).

What licensing is required?

For the State of Hawaii, you are only required to have your Hawaii Tattoo License to offer Cosmetic Tattoo services. To obtain a Hawaii Tattoo License: 1. Take a Blood Borne Pathogen course online (takes about 4 hours total) 2. Complete Tattoo Artist License application 3. Have your physician sign your TB and Syphilis clearance form 4. Mail the Blood Borne Pathogen completion certificate, application, clearance form, and $75 licensing fee to: Dept of Health/ Sanitation Branch 99-945 Halawa Valley st. Aiea, HI 96701 5. Wait for your license to arrive in the mail

Will I be ready to service clients after your course?

Yes, you'll be equipped with all the knowledge necessary to jumpstart your career in Cosmetic Tattooing. However, the success of each student will be determined by how much time and effort they apply to perfect their craft AFTER course completion.

Experience or no experience?

Which course is suitable for beginners with no experience? Our Fundamental course is specifically designed for beginners with no experience. Every aspect of running a successful cosmetic tattoo business is covered from the basics such as communication skills to properly handling bodily fluids, to advanced skills as achieving symmetrical eyebrows on asymmetrical facial features, international shading styles, and corrections. Which course is suitable for experienced artists? The advanced course focuses on my techniques, advanced shaping methods, corrections, and how to achieve seamless blending. Although this course will cover other subjects like color theory, basic shaping, and sanitation - I'd recommend the Fundamental course if you do not have a basic understanding of these subjects as they require in-depth training.

Is this the right course for me?

When searching for the right course to invest in, it is crucial to do your homework. Although there are many choices out there, chose the one that is best for you. We've listed some specific benefits that should be included in any fundamental course to ensure the success of each student:

  • Healed work photos
Why it's important? It's important to see both fresh, and healed photos of your instructor's work. Fresh procedure photos look great for marketing, but the skill of the technician is in the healed photos. Healed results is the service you're providing to your clients.
  • How many students will be in the class?
Why it's important? Intimate classes encourage more one-on-one time with the instructor. More students equals less quality time each student with have with the instructor. It is imperative that instructors sit with beginners to assist them in achieving correct hand movements & posture. Beginners depend on buidling muscle memory through repetitive motions, it's the responsibility of the instructor to adjust their movements through the duration of the couse to find what works best for them.
  • Model procedures
Why it's important? Every foundation course needs to include at least one full model procedure for each student to complete. We've found that students grasp & understand the concept better when performing two model procedures, & this gives students the opportunity to get comfortable with the "feel" of needle-to-skin contact with constant supervision during the first procedure, then completing the second procedure as a real-life scenerio with limited guidance from the instructor. This forces students to troubleshoot their own problems as if they were on their own, but having the instructor there if they need assistance, & proves to be best beneficial in preparing them for their career after completion.
  • Is there on-going support?
Why it's important? On-going support helps students refresh any information that they did not retain during the course. Students should be able to send updates on practice skin pads or photos of their work for continued critiquing and feedback. Opportunities to return and shadow the instructor are also beneficial to provide students with any visual experience they didn't retain, and ensure that they are not missing any steps of the procedure.



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