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If getting things done is your profession, we'd love to hear from you.

Position Information


Reporting to Alana (Owner & Cosmetic Tattoo technician), and ensuring that the business/ work days are running smoothly. We're looking for someone who is self-efficient, and who can hop in to help with various tasks when needed. Aside from having a positive attitude and basic customer service skills, there is no experience necessary.  


Studio Masami, and remotely from home.


  • Assisting in daily work tasks, & ensuring that the day runs smoothly

    • Greeting clients, checking in / out clients, answering questions regarding ​services / products, setting up / cleaning the tattoo treatment room, recording information during tattoo treatments, & ensuring that the spa maintains sanitary guidelines.

  • Handling phone calls, texts, & emails

    • Scheduling appointments, sending out invoices, following up with ​tattoo clients.

  • Office duties

    • Weekly inventory, biweekly payroll, place & track orders, ensuring that proper inventory is maintained.​

  • Reporting to Alana

    • Monitor staff's performances, communicating & solving problems, ensuring that the business is being run properly & that staff / independent contractors are complying with regulations.​

  • Managing social media accounts (instagram & facebook)

    • Create advertisements & content on Canva, take product & BTS photos, post content, engage through comments & messages, assist in brainstorming promotional campaigns to generate sales.


  • Instagram 

  • Facebook

  • Canva

  • Photo editing apps

  • Squareup


  • Attention to detail & accuracy

  • Hardworking with a strong sense of urgency

  • Organized, neat, & tidy

  • Takes critique & criticism well

  • Owns their own mistakes 

  • Works well in a team environment

  • Meets deadlines

  • Researches thoroughly to get it done

  • Self started & ambitious

  • High energy, confident, & personable

  • Has an "I'll figure it out" mentality

  • Self efficient without constant supervision


Negotiable based on what you can provide to the business, & if you can function with limited to no supervision. The growth that you provide will be assessed after 6 months, & possible commission bonuses will be discussed.

Online Application

Please fill out & submit the Online Application form to officially apply for this position. We review applications on a regular basis & will reach out via email to those we'd like to move forward with. If you don't hear from us, don't be discouraged! We're always looking for new talent so keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunity.

Your application has been successfully submitted! 

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