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Our advanced training programs are specifically catered to experienced cosmetic tattoo artists who are interested in improving their technique, and learning the pixelated powdered ombre style. These programs are also beneficial for artists who still struggle with color theory, pigment retention, blotchy shading, stiff fronts, brow shaping and mapping, and shaping on clients with asymmetrical faces. 

Ombre Brows: Technique Practice and Demonstration (one day)

Have you mastered the art of Permanent makeup, and are only interested in how to execute the pixelated powder ombre? This program will allow you to practice the ombre technique on latex skin for three hours, followed by a full ombre brow procedure demonstration. Since we can not validate that students understand proper sanitation, no certificates will be handed out for this program.

What's included:

  • Three hours of practicing the ombre and pixelation technique on latex skin


  • Full procedure demonstration

  • Recap

What's covered:

  • Ombre powdered brow technique breakdown

Ombre brows: Private one-on-one Coaching (one day)

Our private coaching program is perfect for Cosmetic Tattoo artists who still experience difficulties through their procedures (not confident with the outcome, questioning proper pressure and depth, retention problems, quality control, etc), and would benefit from an instructor guiding them through a full client appointment. Since we cannot validate that students understand proper sanitation, no certificates will be handed out for this program.

What's included:

  • The instructor will travel to your studio​ (must be located on Oahu)

  • Pre-assessment (where do you need improvements, and what do you have difficulties with)

  • Two hours of lectures to cover your concerns

  • Two hours practicing on latex 

  • Client procedure with guidance of instructor 

  • Assessment / Recap

What's covered:

  • Any area of Cosmetic Tattooing, fully customized to each individual artist based on their interest or concerns

Ombre brows: Group (two days)

An in-depth training program, covering Skin Anatomy, Sanitation, the Ombre Powdered technique, Brow Mapping, and Color theory. This program does not include a model for students (for our 2 day class with a model procedure click here), and is not recommended for beginners. 

What's included:

  • PMU fundamentals training manual

  • Starter kit (zenus wireless machine, pigments, supplies)

  • Day one: in-depth lectures, technique breakdown, hands on practice 

  • Day two: color theory, brow shaping/ mapping, hands on practice, full ombre brow procedure demonstration

  • Certificate of completion

  • Students will be invited back to the studio to shadow Alana through another ombre brow procedure. (expires one year after completion)

  • Coaching support for one year

What's covered:

Skin Anatomy and Science 

  • Skin types/ thickness

  • Skin conditions and diseases


  • Disinfection procedures

  • Infection control

Ombre Powdered Brow 

  • Ombre technique breakdown

  • Pixelation powder technique breakdown

  • Proper blending

  • Depth and machine speed 

  • Three ombre styles

  • Hands on practice

Brow mapping 

  • Tools and methods

  • Facial symmetry 

  • Brow bones and muscles

  • Face shapes and styles

  • Hands on practice

Color theory 

  • In-depth lectures

  • Mixing your own colors to match each individual client

  • Corrections/ Camouflage

  • Retention Problems

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