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Read what our clients are saying about our services

"I just got done getting my eyebrows tattooed by Alana, and all I have to say is WOW! I LOVE my eyebrows! Alana takes her time figuring out how to shape your brows and also takes into consideration how you want your brows to look. I didn't have a particular shape in mind, so I just trusted Alana to shape it how she thought was best, and i loved it. You can tell she really knows what she's doing and is really good at what she does! Also during the tattooing, Alana made sure I was okay and that I wasn't in too much pain. After the session, Alana provides the aftercare instructions and will run through what to do during the next few days on your fresh new brows. 

Location of salon is super easy to find and there was lots of parking when I went. Alana validates so you don't have to worry about paying for parking. 

Overall great experience and highly recommend Alana if you're looking for a nice pair of brows! Studio Masami also offers other services so be sure to look into that too. I may need to come back for some laser hair removal or lashes!"


-Karen L. from Honolulu HI

"I came in to Studio Masami for my first laser treatment for my underarms and the ambiance was so amazing, very clean and calm environment.  Lea did my treatment and was very thorough about the procedure , after care and maintenance, she is also very friendly !!!!   I will definitely be finishing my series here! I'm also thinking about doing my brows here as well !  Thank you so much lea for making this a great experience for me !"


-Shan J. from Wai'anae HI

"This was such a wonderful expierence from beginning to end! Every aspect of the office and work area are immaculately clean. I came in open minded and was blown away. She takes so much time and care to give you exactly what you want and what is right for your face shape! The best part is, its entirely painless. She makes sure yiu are comfortable thoughtout all aspects of the service is very personable and easy to talk too with the end results of your brows speaking for them selves. This is something ive wanted done for years, very glad i waited for the right person to be able to do them for me!!"

-Tasianna M. from Honolulu HI

"Okay Lea is the ABSOLUTE HANDS DOWN BEST at laser hair removal!!!!! You will NOT be disappointed. She's naturally so sweet, but I've gotten laser hair removal before and I thought it was so painful and awkward. I decided to give her a try after my friend highly recommended her to me. 
She has the newest laser machine that makes the experience painless, she kept having to raise the frequency for the laser because I couldn't feel a thing compared to my past experiences. AND she made sure that the areas she was lasering had absolutely no hair so that it was a clear shot to the follicle. How many people go above and beyond like that? None. 
She's amazing and who knew getting lasered could be such a fun experience?"


-Caitlin F. from Moanalua HI

"I've been wanting to do ombré brows forever but as we all know, brows make you or break you! Well, I  decided that it was now or never so after much research, mainly word of mouth, I booked my appointment!
I was excited and scared at the same time because I do not like pain but I really wanted to do this! On the day of my appointment, I arrived at a beautiful and very clean studio. I met with Alana (the artist) and she took a lot of time shaping my brows, I could tell she is a perfectionist. I loved it because I am a perfectionist too! If you want a quick stop in and out kind of deal,then don't go. Alana is quality, not quantity! She spent the time to shape my brows exactly how I imagined and when we started the procedure, Pain free!! I was worried for NOTHING! I felt silly! Anyway, I now have "those" beautiful brows! I am more than happy and it was worth every penny! No more wasting time in the morning trying to get the perfect shape! I now have it!!! GO see Alana YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, I PROMISE! She's also easy to talk to and very down to earth!!! Loved it!"


-Dorothy H. from Kaimuki HI

"From beginning to end, Alana made the experience flawless. Most importantly, I went in for perfect brows and left with PERFECT BROWS. The wait, the perfection she shrived for and her steady hand was mind blowing. She made sure you had exactly what you wanted and along with her expert advice made for a five star experience. I'd gladly go back if and when needed and highly recommend everyone to choose Alana for those "fleek" brows. 

Oh yes, and did I mentioned she helped shave 20 minutes off of getting ready everyday?! WIN"


-Tiffany E. from Honolulu HI

"So this is my first time getting laser hair removal. Mind you I am a very shy person so I was skeptical about going in for a Brazilian. Lea who did the procedure made me feel so comfortable and so at ease that I would highly recommend her for any first timers or if you're anyone that feels nervous or shy. She'll make you forget that you're even there getting a Brazilian. It was so painless and so quick. I will definitely be a long time and returning customer. The place is very nice and modern and super clean. The girls there are really nice and friendly. I definitely recommend anyone who wants to try laser hair removal. The price is also very reasonable. Overall the experience was excellent, and also I am loving the results so far that I've already had scheduled another appointment for my next session."

-Dolly S. from Honolulu HI

"Lea is the BEST! I come here for laser hair removal and she makes you feel so comfortable and really understands your hair growth. She also uses the Soprano Ice machine, which helps a lot with any pain. Her prices are also a greater value for the service you'd get. Make sure you take her recommendation on when to return for your next appointment to get the most out of your treatments!"


-Rei M. from Honolulu HI

"I had my brows done by Alana and I love them. Dark with an ombré fade. Had my brows done before years ago so she had to do a correction then tattoo.  I highly recommended Alana."

-Doreen C. from Honolulu HI

"Studio Masami Highly recommend .. so i just got my brows done yesterday.. and let me just tell you I am sooooo happy I did them .. best choice I made in life  and it's wasn't sore at all some parts you feel but it's not sore i was talking with her and falling asleep through my whole appointment great experience .. so I was researching for about 2 good years  for an awesome tattoo artist here in Oahu .. because  we all know brows are the one thing you should not mess with I mean Your brows is what gives you your look .. definitely can't just go to anyone so I was referred to her by this Professional Tattoo Artist  in LA  soft ink studio Loany i was wanting her to do my brows so badly but unfortunately she doesn't come to Hawaii to tattoo but I was on her page and i saw that she came to honolulu to visit and to do a brow class so i inboxes her and i asked her to please refer me to someone here that she just had in her class that's does very similar style  like hers and i was so happy she referred me to Alana and let me just tell you I am soooo happy she did because now I have beautiful brows and my life just got so much easier getting ready to my errands and my research  for 2 years finally got answered  .. if you're looking for a great tattoo powder ombré look go check her out .. make sure you do your research before you just slap on brows .. or else you'll end up in Alana's chair eventually lol"

-Nicole S. from Honolulu HI

"You need to go see Lea for laser hair removal if you haven't done it before or have a low pain tolerance like me! I've had other aestheticians in the past where I felt like they were rushing the process and caused irritation to my skin but never with Lea. 

I've never met an aesthetician as knowledgeable and educational in caring for my skin as Lea. She is also very patient and truly cares for her clients. Not to mention her pricing is so reasonable. 

Lea is the best at what she does! I highly recommend to see Lea for laser hair removal."


-Kelly W. from Honolulu HI

"I've always wanted to do laser hair removal but was always afraid to go through with it. I wanted to be sure I picked the right place with a technician who had a good technique. Lea is the laser hair removal technician/aesthetician and she made the process as painless and easy as possible. She is caring, personable, and the love for her work really shows through. She's extremely knowledgeable and her prices are fair-- not to mention she has a killer special (buy 2 treatments get 1 free) running til the end of the year so take advantage!  I'd recommend everyone to go see her, even if you're hesitant about it she'll make it an amazing experience for you!"

-Michelle S. from Honolulu HI

"Lea (@_aestheticsbylea) is THE BEST at laser hair removal. She is tremendously thorough with her work and if you're looking for someone who knows what they're doing there is no one better than her to go to for this. I've previously had bad experiences with aestheticians who have missed patches of hair and for as long as I've been going to Lea I have never had this problem with her. With her expertise and price point, there is no better person to go to for laser hair removal than her! 

She is also excellent in explaining the process of removing hair with the laser to help you get a better idea of what is going on and how many sessions it would potentially take for you to get the results you desire. She is very honest with her opinion on what is best for you and I appreciate and value that transparency.

Lea is also just such a personable and vibrant personality making her someone easy to get along with and be comfortable with from the beginning. I highly recommend going to her for all of your laser hair removal treatments."


-See E. from Honolulu HI

"If you're interested in Ombré brows, I suggest you come here! When I came in, my brows were very light, with weird bald spots. Lana ask me exactly what I wanted, I shared what I was interested in, and she help me create exactly what I wanted. She marked my brows to my taste, & we began. I didn't feel a thing. Lana makes you feel very comfortable, and at home. Her studio has a/c, and she has a nice warm blanket to offer if you'd like. She also plays good music, which is a plus. Her pricing is unbelievably good! After everything is done, she will go over all the do's and dont's. She answers any questions you have. She also gives you ointment for healing. I've gotten quotes in the past from other places. $600 for brows? I don't think so. I'm so glad I found this place. She also does a complimentary touch up, whereas some shops charge for it."

- Reinna F. from Ewa Beach HI

"I'm so happy with my results! Alana is amazing, she's super professional but yet still friendly & personable. I've never been interested in doing permanent brows until I seen her amazing work on Instagram!!! 

Her office is really calming, I think I fell asleep through the whole procedure She really takes her time to draw out your brows & to achieve that certain look you want. She asks what you would want to change & how she can fix them to your liking. I'm super satisfied & I highly recommend going to her if you've been thinking of getting a brow tattoo! Or if you're not sure, check out her page!!  ig: @studiomasami"


-Elyssa A. from Honolulu HI

"This review is long overdue...I initially had my brows done by Alana back in November. She was very detailed and took her time to map out my face and make sure that I was happy with the shape of my brows before she even got started. During the process, she made sure to keep me in the loop and explain what she was doing (outline first, and once that was done she could apply the numbing cream). Another thing that made me feel comfortable is that she is very easy to talk to! Towards the end she had me look in the mirror and let her know if I liked the shape and color, or wanted any changes made. After we were both happy with the results she gave an aftercare sheet and gave detailed instructions of post-care as well as ointment to put on.

After my brows were healed we scheduled my touch-up appointment and I went back in mid-January. I was already happy with the results and we just made a few minor adjustments (filling in patchy spots). Now that my brows are fully healed I absolutely love the's so wonderful to wake up in the morning with amazing eyebrows! Thank you Alana!! :)"


-Shelby W. from Honolulu HI

"I booked an appointment with Alana after seeing her amazing before and after brow photos on Instagram. 
I had my first ombré Brow tattoo session with her today, and I am beyond happy with the end result! Alana is a true professional with brows. 

She really takes her time to make sure that she is giving you the best brows! She starts off with brow mapping (where your brows should start, arch and end) she fills your brows in according to the shape she mapped out. Shows you the shape to make sure you are okay with everything before she gets started.

I paid $300 plus tax as it includes the second session.  I believe her prices will be going up $50 but it's still not a bad deal compared to what others in Honolulu are charging. 

If you need your brows done, go see Alana! You won't be disappointed."


-Renee M. from Honolulu HI

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