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Ombre Powdered Eyebrows

$3200 + GST | 3 days

With the Cosmetic Tattoo industry constantly growing, it's important to continuously invest into your craft & yourself.


Our Advanced course is perfect for experienced artists who would like to fine-tune their skills, or offer additional style options like ombre, powder, or ombre powder combo. If you struggle with color theory, retention, healed results, symmetrical shaping, or are just tired of producing average results, then this course will benefit you & your business. 

What's included?

  • Supply Kit 

    • Wireless Cosmetic Tattoo Machine (specifically designed to achieve soft & natural results)​

    • Needle Cartridges

    • Highest Quality Pigments

    • Numbing Anesthetics

    • Shaping Tools

    • Procedure Supplies

    • Practice Supplies

  • Intimate Class Size

  • In-depth Cosmetic Tattoo Manual

  • ​Interactive Activities

  • Learning Exercises

  • Live demo

  • Model Procedure

  • Laminated Step-by-Step Protocols

  • Opportunity to return and shadow the instructor through a full procedure

  • Certificate of Completion

What's covered?

  • ​Infection Control (brief)

  • Color Theory 

    • Choosing the right Pigment Brands​

    • Customizable Pigment Ratios 

    • Avoiding Funky Faded Colors

    • Color Corrections & Camouflage

    • Hands-on Activity

  • Shaping Methods

    • Tools on the Market​

    • How to Achieve Perfect Symmetry

    • Designs that Compliment Various Face Shapes

    • Advanced International Shaping Styles

    • Corrective Shaping on Asymmetrical Faces

    • Hands-on Activity

  • Foundations of the Trade

    • Proper Skin Stretching ​

    • ​Hand Movements & Angles​

    • Achieving Correct Pressure

  • Techniques

    • Natural Powdered Droplets​

    • Secrets behind "Ombre" Eyebrows

    • Various Outline Styles

    • Quality Control

  • Full Procedure

    • Product Knowledge ​

    • Step-by-Step Process

    • Live Demo

  • Post Procedure 

    • Aftercare Solutions​

    • Achieving Optimal Retention

  • Marketing (brief)​

Next Course Date

If interested in registering for our Advanced Ombre Powdered Eyebrow course, please enroll and your instructor will contact you to schedule your course date.


@studiomasami for live news, updates, photos, and more!

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