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Ombre Correction Coverup

$600 | initial session + complementary touch up

If there is a previous tattoo on the treatment area, it is a Correction/ Cover-up. Most times, previous tattoos require more work, the pigment to be neutralized, & corrective shaping. It is required that you send a photo of your previous tattoo via textemail, or by submitting the online consultation PRIOR to booking your appointment. Longevity depends on amount of scar tissue present from previous procedures. 


What's Included?


Concerns? Questions? We'll go over and discuss any questions & concerns that you may have regarding the procedure. The skin is prepped and assessed, and before photos are taken. 


Color selection is limited, and is based on what will best blend and cover the previous tattoo as much as possible, while keeping the client's goals and preference in mind. If the previous pigment is/ has any unideal tones/ colors (red, purple, orange, blue, etc), it will be neutralized prior to tattooing the new eyebrow design. 


Any asymmetry of the previous shape is identified and addressed to the client. With correction work, the symmetry is only able to be adjusted by going thicker in shape. Measurement tools are used to achieve as much symmetry as possible with what is visible, and the technician and client will work together through adjustments and modifications to achieve a design that is both in the client's comfort zone, and more symmetry than before. 


Topical anesthetic is applied after the outline is performed, this is to ensure that the design is not modified by the numbing gel. In our professional opinion, the outline is not relatively painful, and is not similar to receiving a body tattoo on the face (it is not nearly as deep). Though some discomfort can be expected, most clients will rate this process a 2 on a scale of 1 (no pain) to 10 (painful). Many have commented that it feels very similar to threading their eyebrows. 


Actual procedure time is about 1.5 hrs, with topical anesthetics applied throughout the procedure. If necessary, the color of the previous pigment is neutralized, and then covered with the new eyebrow design.


Once the client is satisfied with the end result, aftercare instructions are printed and discussed, and aftercare ointment is provided. 

What They're Saying

"Alana did an amazing job with my ombre brows. She is very professional, detailed, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her service. I love the way my brows look and everywhere I go people are complimenting me on them. I'm so happy I did my research and found Studio Masami. A great investment!"

-Arlene W

"I have been wanting to get my brows done since it became a "thing" a couple years ago, I somehow LUCKILY stumbled on Studio Masami's instagram. I am so in love with Alana's taste and work that I highly recommend her. I actually got my sister to get hers done and she loves them as well."

-Alyssa T.

"From the beginning to end, Alana made the experience flawless. Most importantly, I went in for perfect brows and left with PERFECT BROWS. The perfection she strived for and her steady hand was mind blowing. Oh yes, and did I mention she helped save 20 mins off of getting ready everyday?! WIN!"

-Tiffany E.

"I traveled from a neighbor island just to see Alana and it was so worth the trouble and cost! My brows were wonky due to a prior microblade and Alana proved to be the perfect person to correct them. She takes her time to figure out exactly what you want. The entire session was pleasant and I am so happy I found Alana!"

-Bronwyn T.

"Alana is the best for your eyebrows. She's so patient and meticulous. She does wonderful shaping and will color your brows just the way you want them. Takes a while to get an appointment but well worth the wait."

-Mutsumi K.

"I've been wanting to do ombre brows forever but as we all know, brows will make or break you! I met with Alana and she took a lot of time shaping my brows, I could tell she is a perfectionist. Alana is Quality, not quantity! I now have "those" beautiful brows! I am more than happy and it was worth every penny!"

-Dorothy H.


@studiomasami for live news, updates, photos, and more!

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